Mercedes 1

Mercedes S Class, Antique W108 - Bruno

Bruno, despite his 42 years looks fantastic. Most of his life he spent in California, where he devoted a lot of heart. As a result, today we can enjoy its full original state and enjoy the delicate patina that only adds ul charm. Entering do it melts on the comfortable sofas, we absorb the smell of the past and relish traveling weight Time. The combination of dark blue body color oo creamy leather upholstery and wood makes the car looks insanely and do not let anyone pass by. Perfectly suited as a limousine to make the wedding, advertising, movie Are you a romantic ride around, the city.

As Bruno identical model (white) he rode in the early 70s Violetta Villas. At that time, Poland was only a few such cars. Mercedes W108 also proved episode in two films oo series of James Bond - "Octopussy" and "For Your Eyes Only".